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Softening the Hard Edges of Difficult Emotions, Spirit Rock, CA

November 18, 2017
9:30 amto4:30 pm

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In today’s climate of inflamed divisiveness, many of us are asking: How do I work with my thoughts, fears, and beliefs in ways that nurture the dignity of all life? How do I comfort my own raging heart in a sea of ignorance, distress, and violence? How can my actions reflect the world I want to live in and leave to future generations? How do I ensure justice without fostering generations of harm and hate, internally and externally?

In this daylong retreat, using the Vipalassa Sutta, we investigate our conditioning. Resting the mind in the body, we explore the cycle of misperception and through inquiry, are we drop below the turbulence of distress to discover what we have forgotten that must be remembered. Through periods of guided sitting and walking instructions, and loving kindness and forgiveness practices, we cultivate an inner atmosphere of non-resistance. We recognize the relationship between suffering and faith, soften the hard edges, and open to our shared belonging.

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Sprit Rock Meditation Center, Woodacre, CA