Brave Space: Racial Affinity Leadership Development

Registration Details for the BESS Allies Affinity Group


Welcome & Congratulations!

You're taking a significant step towards your racial awareness journey!

Brave Space will help you:

  • Deepen your understanding of your racial conditioning and its impact on social harmony.
  • Experience racial affinity as a gateway to understanding racial diversity.
  • Engage racial complexity with less activation and more stability and confidence.
  • Shift you from having racial information to embodying and integrating racial insights that are onward leading.
  • Shift perceptions, regulate emotions, and deepen connection through somatic and mindfulness applications.
  • Strengthen your capacity to influence social wellbeing with compassion and clarity.

We're excited to have you on this journey with us. Below are important details for applying to Brave Space and beginning your journey.

I look forward to supporting your racial awareness journey. ~ Ruth King

Brave Space for Leaders Tuition 

$4,950 per person 

  • Application Due: October 10, 2023
  • Payment Due: November 1, 2023

Tuition includes:

  • Prerequisite course: Mindful of Race 101. A Self-Study Curriculum plus Live Q&A with Ruth King 
  • Brave Space: A 13-month online curriculum 
  • An Orientation Debrief with Ruth King 
  • Six Group Coaching Sessions with Ruth King 

No Refund/No Change Policy

The Brave Space program is designed as a participatory learning laboratory to nurture awareness, connection, and leadership skills. In addition to our rich curriculum, members in affinity groups rely on each other for learning. For this reason, we ask that you feel "reasonably" confident with your commitment to this work prior to enrolling in this program.

We do not provide refunds, nor can we add, change, or transfer members once your application has been approved and payment received. 

  • Note: Submission of your application and payment acknowledges that you adhere to this policy. 

Content Copyrights

Our programs are designed as a personal development opportunity for leaders. This is not a train-the-trainer program.

To ensure the integrity of our programming, we ask that you do not use any of the curriculum in any form outside the intent of this program.

Program access to both Mindful of Race 101 and Brave Space expires 18 months after your initial log-in to our Online Academy. 

We're always here! [email protected] 

Monthly Commitment

Your racial affinity group may meet physically, virtually, or a combination of in-person and online.

Each participant should be willing to commit to the year-long program, including prerequisites and meeting assignments.

You have access to available lessons the Online Academy 24/7.  

Monthly commitments include: 

  1. Completing the individual assignments and reflections on the Online Academy (estimated at approximately 3 hours per month). 
  2. Meeting monthly with your racial affinity group (estimated at 3 hours per month).

Schedule monthly affinity group meetings for the year

Once you are confirmed in the program, a powerful indicator of group commitment is to schedule your monthly meetings for the year. In this way, busy people can plan accordingly! 

Lesson plans are released on the first of each month. Therefore, we encourage you to meet with your affinity groups mid to later in the month. This gives each participant time to complete the lesson planning and be prepared for ultimate engagement. 

Questions: [email protected]



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