Brave Space: Application Process

Apply in 5 mindful steps!

Program Tuition: $1,940

A 10% discount is available if you purchase Brave Space and Mindful of Race 101 as a Bundle! 

Taxes and processing fees may apply. 

Please know that much has been considered in pricing Brave Space for inclusivity and accessibility. We keep our fees for this 12-month program comparatively low while ensuring high quality programming.

We provide partial scholarships to BIPOC affinity groups if needed. Scholarship criteria is provided in the application process. 

Pricing is subject to change. 

No Refund/Change Policy

The Brave Space program is designed to nurture group commitment, growth, and connection. For this reason, we ask that you feel "reasonably" confident with your commitment to yourself, your racial affinity group members, and to this work prior to enrolling in this program.

We do not provide refunds, nor can we add, change, or transfer members once your application has been approved and payment received.

  • Note: Submission of your application and payment acknowledges that racial affinity group members agree and will adhere to this policy. No exceptions, please! 

Connect: The DC or sponsoring organization should organize a group meeting to discuss the application process and ensure understanding of the program and commitments details on this site. 

  • Note: Please discuss among yourselves the No-Refund Policy and the FAQs detailed on this site.

Course Prerequisite: 

Yes! Complete Mindful of Race 101.

This introductory course deepens your understanding of your racial conditioning, establishes a common language for engagement among group members, creates a solid foundation for mindful inquiry, and supports a more graceful transition into our year of learning (and unlearning) together. Further, the framework presented in this course is reinforced throughout the year supporting a shift from information to embodiment. 

A 10% discount is offered if you purchase Brave Space and Mindful of Race 101 as a Bundle! 

We also encourage you to meet with your racial affinity group members prior to starting the training to get acquainted, share commitment, and schedule your monthly meetings for the year. Scheduling in advance supports group commitment and stability. 

Monthly Commitment: Your racial affinity group may meet physically, virtually, or a combination of in-person and online. Each participant should be willing to commit to the year-long program, including pre-requisites and meeting assignments. Monthly commitments include: 

  1. Completing the individual assignments and reflections on the online portal (estimated at approximately 3 hour per month). You have access to the portal 24/7. 
  2. Meeting monthly with your racial affinity group (estimated at 3 hours per month).
  • Note: If you have 4 members in your racial affinity group, you should plan to meet for 1.5 hours each month. If you have 8 members in your racial affinity group, you should plan to meet for 3 hours per month. Group facilitators may modify this schedule.

Schedule your meetings for the year: A powerful indicator of group commitment is to schedule your monthly meetings for the entire year. In this way, busy people can plan accordingly! This is useful to have in place prior to applying to the program, as your group will want to begin and end this program at the same time. 

  • Note: The Brave Space program is designed to nurture group commitment, growth, and cohesion. For this reason, we ask that you and/or your organization feel "reasonably" confident with your commitment to this work and this process prior to registering in this program.

Apply: Your racial affinity group is to submit one application representing your group. Organizations sending multiple groups should submit one application for each affinity group. The Designated Coordinator (DC) submits the application on the group’s behalf.

Approval: The Mindful of Race Institute reviews your application, approves it, and sends confirmation to each participant with payment details.

Pay: Payment should be made within 5 days of application approval. Paying at the same time allows you to begin the program at the same time. The Designated Coordinater should follow-up with each member to ensure payment so that all affinity group members may access and begin the course together. 

Important To Remember: 

  • We encourage you to “opt in” on our portal during enrollment. When you opt in, you will be notified monthly of new course materials. Otherwise, feel free to sign into your account with your password at any time to access available course materials.
  • The email used in the application will be the email that must be used to enroll in the Academy.
  • Access to this course expires 18 months after payment is received.
  • Remember: The minimum number of participants (4) must pay for the course before access is granted. 

Course assignments will be made available monthly (every 30 days) starting from the date you enrolled. 

  • Access to course material expires 18 months after your application is approved. 
  • Course login is required to access lesson plans; lesson plans cannot be downloaded. 

Each month, you will receive lesson plans and contemplative assignments from the Online Academy portal that prepares you for engagement within your racial affinity group. 

And, the rest is history! 


Still have questions? Review our FAQs or contact us at [email protected]

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