This introductory course deepens your understanding of your racial conditioning, establishes a common language for engagement among group members, creates a foundation for mindful inquiry, and supports a more graceful transition into our year of learning (and unlearning) together.

Further, the framework presented in this course is reinforced throughout the year supporting a shift from information to embodiment. 

You may take Mindful of Race 101 at any time prior to your application. It is an online, self-study course. 

Here's Another Option: 

Check our Online Academy schedule for Mindful of Race 101 + Live with Ruth.

This live, online, weekend training provides a self-study curriculum plus a Q&A with Ruth King, Founder of the Mindful of Race Institute. You also have the option to meet others interested in forming a racial affinity group for Brave Space. 

If you already have a cohort ready to join Brave Space, you might want to enroll in Mindful of Race 101 as a group!