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Cancellation Policy

Coaching Cancellation Policy

399613_483170008374593_1029724214_n Dear One,

A block of time has been held for your coaching sessions. Please plan your schedule so that you can attend your sessions on time out of courtesy to me and my other clients. Payment should be received anytime prior to your session and no later than the day of your session. If you are late arriving to your session, you will receive the time that is left in your appointment. For example, if you have scheduled an appointment at 1:00 PM, your appointment time begins at 1:00 PM whether you are there or not. Your appointment ends 75 minutes later no matter what time you arrive for your scheduled appointment. If I am more than 10 minutes late for our appointments, we will make whatever adjustments seem fair at that time. You will be charged in full for any appointment missed or if you cancel less than 3 days in advance of your scheduled session unless a medical or life emergency has occurred.

This cancellation policy is more a practice intended to create clarity, safety, and trust so that we can focus our time on your wellbeing, which I look forward to supporting.

Thank you. Ruth