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Emotional Wisdom

Emotional Wisdom is the mental development of heart and mind. It’s a quality of awareness; a presence that allows us to reflect on our lives lovingly, and leverage this knowledge to connect in ways that touch, shape, and heal the global human heart.

One measure of Emotional Wisdom is in how spontaneous, creative, and genuine we are in our expressions of freedom toward ourselves, in our relationships, and in our service without causing harm to ourselves or others. Another measure of Emotional Wisdom is in how consistently we manage ourselves when we are stressed. Stress is often fed through our inattention or unawareness.

We grow wise when we can tolerate experiences of freedom, which can be cultivated through a mindfulness exploration. We also grow wise when we become more curious about the nature of our disturbances through an examination of our habits, history and heritage. By exploring our feelings, behaviors and expectations, we discover that we don’t have to hold on to our stories to learn from them. The idea is to turn toward what is difficult and joyful without attachment, aversion, or denial, and understand our part in both relieving distress and living a radiant life.

When we can stay close to this moment with kindness and clear seeing, we are cultivating emotional wisdom. By becoming more mindful, we discover that we can open to the humanness of others and ourselves without fear, and discover that people, just like us, do unskillful things out of pain and confusion. We have all been hurt and disappointed and we are all capable of unfathomable kindness, compassion, joy, and creativity.

The work of Emotional Wisdom is an inner journey that unifies mind and heart. We are not searching outside of ourselves; we are revealing to ourselves the depth of our true nature-which will be unique to each of us. While unique, this inner exploration is to be understood within a global context. We are not separate from what happens to and around us–we are a part of its creation through our thoughts and actions. Disturbances within our own hearts, in our relationships, our communities, our work, our land, the environment, and throughout the world are the gross result of our collective thoughts and actions. Our responsibility as global citizens is to become emotionally wise, and in so doing, we contribute to balancing global disorder and peace.

To grow in Emotional Wisdom, I offer a variety of training programs and retreats as well as Life Coaching. Contact us with your interest.

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