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Mindful Leadership

Transforming Negative Emotions into Positive Fuel in Groups and Organizations

Ruth King’s group work is often referred to as “ceremony.” She is called upon to harmonize polarization and unify ignorance especially in environments when there is a strong “us” and “them.” She believes that when we are in opposition, a third thing is trying to teach us something we already know but have forgotten. Because she believes we are all teachers, her work is more experiential than lecture. The urgency to know, get things done, or have immediate results play second fiddle to the experience of being present to what “now” is attempting to teach us. Ruth believes that the piercing and potent quality of conflict is a powerful pathway to transformation, connection, and creativity.

Ruth’s advanced teachings benefit leaders, therapists, educators, counselors, trauma workers, social workers, consultants, community organizers, in fact anyone interested in: (a) making positive use of intense emotions in groups; (b) recognizing with compassion and clarity our humanness in group life, and; (c) facilitating wholesome outcomes with comfort and skill.

Ruth King is available to augment your professional services by providing organizational consulting, customized training programs, and coaching to your professional staff with a focus on emotional mastery and well-being. Programs and trainings are customized to meet the specific needs of groups and organizations.

Available to groups and organizations upon request.

Contact us with your interest. Include your group or organization, the city and state you reside in,  and your timeframe.

What Others are Saying:

“Ruth King teaches us that one of the more difficult things a therapist can sustain is the experience of a raging client, especially when the rage is focused directly at the therapist. Yet, at some point in every therapist’s career, he or she will be challenged to do their own work around rage for the purpose of embodying a compassionate container large enough to hold and transform rage, whatever it’s source. Ruth King is a gifted healer and guide to therapists looking to maintain self-leadership in the face of rage. A master skilled and natural at helping people to explore and transform their own rage.” -Noah Rubinstein, LMFT, Executive Director,

“I have referred clients to this deeply experiential retreat [Celebration of Rage] who are afraid of their anger and either stuff it or feel out of control with it. The safe space that Ruth creates, and being intensively in the process over many days, has been beneficial to my clients and enhanced our ongoing work beautifully. Ruth King is a joy: a seasoned and skilled practitioner supporting therapists and their clients to break through to rage and other emotions. I would highly recommend this retreat for any woman that wants to deepen and accelerate her healing process.” Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia, Psychotherapist, Oakland, CA

“I have loved working with Ruth for the past 12 years. I have been in her phenomenal Healing Rage retreat and have sought her council over the years for my organization. Her spirit and generosity is unparalleled, and her sageness warms my heart.” -Susan J. Bethanis, Ed.D., CEO/Founder, Mariposa Leadership, Inc.

“Ruth lives a life of commitment to the truth; the truth of our inherent human goodness. Ruth’s commitment to her own truth is a beacon that welcomes us all into our own. She’s passionate and compassionate. Ruth’s way of being inspires others to open to what’s possible. She does her work with respect, humor, warmheartedness, and wisdom. Her work in diversity, spirituality, leadership, community building, motivation, and healing is a gift to all. I am proud to highly recommend Ruth King to all who are willing to accept this gift.” Diane Woods, Coach, Circle Convener, Instructor, Facilitator, and principle of Diane Woods Consulting

“Ruth King offered a workshop to the National Association of Social Workers. She did the unthinkable by exploring the clinical manifestations, disguises, and uses of rage. We found her workshop incredibly useful and highly recommend it to other professionals.” Felicia Parker-Rogers, LCSW, ACSW, BCD, RYT, Chair, NASW – Charlotte/Mecklenburg LPU