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Group Wise

Group Wise strategies provide essential leadership development tools through an understanding of how we create and influence effective and satisfying group experiences. Using the group itself as our learning lab, and mindfulness and emotional wisdom technologies, we discover what we bring to group experiences and, as a result, what we create, and how we can shift from frustration to creativity and authentic leadership in group life. In the leadership programs we offer, we:

  • Clarify our role, responsibility, and strengths in working collaboratively.
  • Deepen awareness of how we help and hinder each other’s success.
  • Learn the DisguisesTM Typology–its roots, shadows, and relationship to emotional wisdom and creativity.
  • Recognize the relationship between habits and neurosciences.
  • Expand our ability to connect in situations of conflict, competition, and indifference.
  • Recognize how projection and transference operate in groups.
  • Understand shame-based diversity dynamics (race, class, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, class, etc.) and intervene to bring harmony and balance to group life.
  • Recognize how unresolved generational trauma is relived in work-life conflicts.
  • Practice empathic tools that create safety and trust.
  • Learn adult learning models and somatic approaches that support group health.
  • Experience resilience from affirmations, kindness, and compassion practices.

Available to sponsoring groups and organizations upon request.

Contact us with your interest. Include your group or organization, the city and state you reside in,  and your timeframe.