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2016 Survey Response

Dear Mindful Members

Thank you for completing the recent survey, and a special thanks to our awesome planning team for their service: Cathy Francis, Karen Ragon, Maria Zuluaga, and Sandy Altshuler. This message is my response to the survey summary and includes a 2017 schedule of offerings and other survey-relevant resources.

Mindful Members Monthly Sits

It was exciting to hear that most of you enjoy our intimate community and the teachings I offer. Given that Thursday evenings once a month is still the most preferred time for our meditation gatherings, please click here and save the dates for our upcoming Mindful Members meditation sits.

A Day of Mindfulness Retreats – 2017

Most of you want to see more daylong retreats on either a Saturday or Sunday, and while there is a broad range of meditation experience, all of you expressed interest in deepening your understanding of Buddhist teachings, enriching your meditation practice, and developing ways to integrate mindfulness into social change concerns and daily life challenges. With this in mind, I will offer three daylong retreats in 2017. Please save the following dates for A Day of Mindfulness retreats in the Charlotte area:

  • January 21
  • May 20
  • September 2

Request for Volunteer Coordinators

It was also lovely to hear that so many of you were willing to volunteer to support daylong retreats. It would be great to have one or two Mindful Members coordinate volunteer tasks for daylong retreats. This may include finding a suitable retreat location and coordinating volunteer tasks. If you are interested in being a volunteer coordinator for one or all three of the A Day of Mindfulness retreats, please send me an email at by September 16.

2017 Residential Retreats

Some of you were interested in residential retreats but there was not enough interest in the Charlotte area to arrange a residential retreat. I would like to share my 2017 retreat schedule in other cities and states should you be interested and have an opportunity to join me.

2017 Retreat Dates     


Click here to review a listing of resources that support insight meditation practice and socially engaged service. Should you know of other local resources, click here to add them on the website.


May these resources support your practice and your service to loved ones, to communities, and to our world. I look forward to supporting your practice. ~ Ruth King

Click here to read the 2016 Mindful Members Survey Summary.

Click here to complete the Mindful Members Survey. Your input is welcomed year round!

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