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Insight Meditation

Insight Meditation

There is no greater gift to ourselves than our willingness to be present to our own lives ~ the good, the bad, and the ugly ~ and we do this most effectively through Mindfulness or Insight Meditation.

Through Mindfulness Meditation, we teach the mind to ride the energies of our persistent thoughts and emotions without taking them personally. We become aware of what we deeply know and need to heal. When we meditate, we learn how to stay present without distortion or judgment, and discover through our own discernment that the present moment is worth returning to and living fully. Meditation invites us to slow down so that we can experience ourselves clearlylovingly, and wisely.

There are many benefits derived from a consistent meditation practice. For example, we open to levels of consciousness that lie deeper than our intellect. Our disguises fade and our aggression diminishes. Our mind becomes tranquil and more manageable, and we act more wisely toward others and ourselves. Not only does meditation decrease fear and worry, it also reduces our heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, oxygen consumption, perspiration, and muscle tension, and improves our immune system and neurotransmitter function.

Through meditation, we cultivate inner peace. Getting ourselves still is an act of self-compassion, respect, and creativity. Maintaining a consistent Mindfulness Meditation practice is a wholesome and practical way to be at peace in our own skin in this lifetime.

Mindfulness Meditation is not a quick fix, nor is it about denying what we feel by replacing negative experiences with positive ones. It’s about embracing the truth of the moment and discovering the liberating power and beauty of pure awareness. It’s simple and life changing.


“I thought of you when I went off to my first silent meditation retreat! I remember you telling me about your experiences and wondered why on earth anyone would ever want to be silent for days at a time! Well now I get it! I attended a 10 day retreat and it changed me in a major way! I realized things I never knew about myself and feel so blessed to be aware of them now so I don’t have to go through life suffering! Thank you.” ~ Cindi B, Portland, ME

For the last three years, Ruth King has graced the Insight Meditation Community of Washington with retreats, which has drawn the most diverse audiences we have ever seen. In her presence, people from all walks of life can feel the depth of her own personal journey and spiritual practice. It’s through this profound transmission of wisdom that opens hearts and minds to forgiveness, compassion, and kindness. We had sell-out events each year and we’re committed to bringing Ruth back annually. Everyone who has attended Ruth’s events have come away feeling inspired, empowered, and whole.”  ~ La Sarmiento, IMCW Events Manage, Insight Meditation Community of DC

Ruth offers customized retreats on mindfulness to groups and organizations nationwide upon request.