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Mindful of Race Survey

Thank you in advance! The survey is below.

As some of you know, I am writing a book on the work I have been offering across the nation on Mindful of Race. This book invites contemplatives to become aware of racial conditioning, and to use mindfulness practice to transform racial ignorance and mental distress. At this time I am requesting input through a survey. Your information may be used anonymously in the book.

This survey is for those of you who have taken the Mindful of Race Training and for those of you who have been investigating race in your meditation practice and/or in a racial affinity group.

Most of the questions require write in responses, and I would greatly appreciate your response to all questions. However, you may choose to respond only to those questions that speak directly to your experience.

If you are in a racial affinity group, you may all want to complete the survey and then discuss your responses in your group.

I am grateful for your time and know how valuable it is, and I thank you!

Warmly, Ruth King


Mindful of Race Survey