A call to groups and organizations committed long-term to developing self-awareness, racial literacy, and collective wellbeing.

Cultivating an intentional shift from racial ignorance and animosity to racial literacy and harmony.

“Racism is a heart disease,” writes Ruth King, “and it’s curable.”

Exploring a crucial topic seldom addressed in meditation instruction, this revered teacher takes to her pen—to shine a compassionate, provocative, and practical light into a deeply neglected and world-changing domain profoundly relevant to all of us.

In her newest publication, Mindful of Race: Transforming Racism From The Inside Out, Ruth King invites us to: Tend first to our suffering and confusion, listen to what it is trying to teach us, and direct its energies most effectively for change. 

King says: In this book, I have invited all of us to say our prayers, and I have given us a way to see how we got here; how we can shift from racial distress to inner freedom; and how we can heal, reach across the divide, and invest in a culture of care. 

~ Sounds True, June 2018

Mindful of Race - Not There Yet! Wristbands (Set of 3). These understated yet intriguing wristbands are reminders to be mindful of race and that we’re not there yet — we all have much to learn. By wearing the wristband, we are saying:

  • I'm committed to being more mindful of race.
  • I'm open to learning, and I'm a safe person to talk to about race.
  • I'm dedicated to doing no racial harm and to racial justice.
  • I'm committed to bridging separation and healing our communities.
  • I want to create new bonds of understanding, right here, right now.

Wear one wristband; give the other two away. Join the Conversation!

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