Mindful Approaches to Cultural Competency


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In this four-part, 65 minute, DVD presentation, originally recorded at the International Coach Federation’s Cultural Competency Conference in Washington, DC, Provocateur Ruth King shares fresh perspectives on power dynamics and racial sensitivities unique to the United States yet replicated throughout the world. This program is for coaches and leaders who would like to cultivate more self-awareness, creativity, and intimacy in relating to differences. In this program we explore:

Part I: What is Cultural Competency – A Working Definition 

We begin by exploring a definition of cultural competency. We discover the relationship between culture and membership and the tension between membership inclusion and unique expression. We also explore the differences between culture and diversity, and the dance of optimism.

Part II: Examining Race in the Coaching Relationship 

We recognize how racism is core to American culture and at play in the coaching interaction. We explore dominant and subordinated relationships, and the construction of “isms” through privilege and power. We disuss three dimensions that reinforce racism: blindness, sameness, and silence, and its collective and accumulative impact. By exploring race in the coaching relationship, how we have been touched and shaped by life is revealed, bringing meaning and context to the coaching relationship.

Part III: Conversations about Race ~ Q&A

Candid and wise reflections are shared by participants who recognize the need for racial inquiry and dialogue in the coaching relationships. The transforming power of meditation is offered with beginners instructions.

Part IV: Mindful Leadership 

The practice of gratitude is demonstrated and participants are encouraged to examine what motivates their choice to coach. We explore how the role of coaching puts us in touch with our deep beliefs and what it means to be human. We discuss how coaching allows us to bring our full lives to the coaching relationship and, through our example, encourages aliveness in our clients. A mindful leadership strategy of What happens is not personal, perfect, or permanent is explored through poems and humor.

Resources that support self-awareness and intimacy are offered


Ruth King provides deep insight into what it means to embody cultural competency as a coach. Her regard for our inherent humanity, and her ability to frame questions and conditions allows layers of understanding to unfold. This brings meaning and compassion to the complexities of diversity and inclusion. Her work demonstrates how vital it is to create a safe space and have an understanding of how these forces impinge on the careers and lives of those we coach. 

~ Dr. Karyn Trader-Leigh, Coach, Consultant, Diversity Practitioner with KTA Global Partners, LLC

Ruth King brings her wisdom and insights to the topic of cultural competence (awareness, similarities, and difference) in a way that is informative, inspiring, engaging, and enlightening. She challenges your mindsets and belief while calling each of us to new actions for a greater good. Ruth is not only an educator, she is a storyteller, and a person who lives the principles she espouses.

John L. Bennett, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Business and Behavioral Science at the McColl School of Business at Queens University of Charlotte, USA. He is founding Director of the Master of Science in Executive Coaching program and Director of the MS in Organization Development program. He is both a Professional Certified Coach a Board Certified Coach, and co-author of Coaching for Change.


In gratitude to the International Coach Federation’s Cultural Competency Conference, October 25-26, 2013, Washington, DC, for the original recording of this program, to Tony Tueni for his fine eye in editing this program for our use, to Juan Ossa for graphic design support, and to Lori Berkowitz of BeeDragon.com for technical support. Warm thanks to Nancy Ogilvie and Rumi Moinuddin for editorial input and deep bows to my content advisor and life coach Barbara Riley, author and co-partner of Chambers Group LLC.


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