Mindful of Race, Not There Yet – Wristbands



Mindful of Race – Not There Yet! Wristbands (Set of 3).

These understated yet intriguing wristbands are reminders to be mindful of race and that we’re not there yet — we all have much to learn! Wear one wristband; give the other two away. Join the Conversation!

Arm art offered by JoAnna Hardy

Bonus Gift: Free 4-week DVD course: Embracing the Mad Mind! 


Hi there, I just wanted to let you know I received my mindful of race wristbands today …  I was not expecting 3 wristbands per 5 packets. Amazing! I find Ruth’s book presents very complex topics in easy to digest pieces. It’s great for those who want to understand on a deeper level, or maybe someone who doesn’t know at all what to read as a great place to start. Now, as I refer people to her book and have more conversations on race, I also have these amazing wristbands I can give to those who read or have read the book and are on board. It’s amazing! Thanks again, I truly appreciate it. Warm Regards, Lia (Jan 2022)

Weight 1 oz

8" Diameter


Set of Three



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