Questioning Racial Habits of Harm

My mind is like a bad neighborhood. I try not to go there alone. ~ Hafiz


Our mind can often get us into big trouble. When it comes to matters of race, it is important to question the activity of our mind, especially our thoughts, and not believe them so readily!

This guided contemplation offers a practice for questioning your racial habits of mind that can bring you into sensible alignment with your values. This practice is best used as a quiet reflection and/or journaling exercise, especially when you find yourself puzzled or racially distressed.

Slowing down and turning inward supports understanding and ease, and it regulates your nervous system. Keep in mind that while you can’t always control your thoughts, you are nonetheless responsible for them and thus your wellbeing.

Don’t watch your tongue, watch your thoughts, because the tongue doesn’t wag itself! – Bhante Gunaratana

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