Mindful of Race Training Program ff-01

Training Space & Materials List

The maximum number of training participants is 20.

To ensure that our training experience is optimal, please ensure the following space requirements, equipment, and materials are available.

  • Private and open space suitable for movement - we usually play music and make a bit of joyful noise in our trainings
  • Screen and projector compatible with Mac laptop for power-point and video sound projection - projector should be close to teacher seat and computer
  • Access to wifi and a printer
  • Hand-free microphone and 1-2 portable microphones for Q&As (may vary depending on group size)
  • Quality sound system and speakers that connect to microphone, computer, and projector
  • Moveable chairs for participants (no tables)
  • Rectangular table for workshop materials (near teacher seat)
  • Smaller table for teacher materials
  • A short and adjustable (horizontal and vertical) podium or sturdy music stand for teacher notes (teacher will sit in chair during training and/or stand at podium for talks)
  • Stable Easel and Full Pad of Post-it Paper, preferably lined
  • One role of masking tape
  • Dozen fresh markers in a variety of dark colors
  • Opening of session: Arrange room chairs in u-shape

Prior to the training, attendees should read: Mindful of Race: Transforming Racism from the Inside Out by Ruth King.

We will provide you with a PDF training workbook to duplicate - one per participant plus 4 additional copies. Please print these workbooks in color, single or double sided in book layout. Please hold the workbook for teacher distribution; do not distribute any materials prior to the training.

Training fees and expenses are discussed directly with the organizing coordinator.

Thank You!

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