Alice Walker, Pulitzer Prize Winner for The Color Purple Healing Rage is a classic self-help book filled with the passion, earthiness and wisdom of a self-described wounded healer. Ruth King's desire for our wellness and freedom radiates throughout. This is a book that can change your life.

Harriet Lerner, Ph.D, Author of The Dance of Anger ~ Here is a book of enormous scope that helps us to become more curious about our rage and better equipped to use it wisely. Ruth King's compassion and generosity of spirit will leave you feeling like she's right there with you on the journey to a fuller and more courageous life."

Jack Kornfield, author and co-founder of Spirit Rock Meditation Center King has articulated the painful history, patterns and traps of a raging heart and offers the skillful means for liberation in their very midst. This is revolutionary work.

Ina Plicanic Henigmann ~ I found your book in bookstore in Ljubjana which is capital town in Slovenia, small country in Europe. I start to read it and thank you for the book a lot. You made a very good job by my opinion. Amazing.

Mother & Daughter talk about Emotional Wisdom

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Lynne Twist, author of The Soul of Money

"Ruth King has done the unthinkable. She has written a book that empowers women to embrace their pain, confusion and rage in a way that opens the path to liberation, healing, leadership and vision. This is a powerful, wise and timely message - a brilliant piece of work."

Sue Bender, author of Plain and Simple, Everyday Sacred, and Stretching Lessons

"A wonderful, wise and inspiring book - beautifully written. I feel the heartbeat on every page. Ruth's compassion and generosity of spirit will inspire us to do our own homework toward a fuller and more courageous life."

Sue N. Elkind, Ph.D., Author of Resolving Impasses in Therapeutic Relationships

"Healing Rage is a wonderful resource for anyone who wants to understand and be aware of rage-where it comes from, how it functions, and how to both preserve its wisdom and ease its destructive potential. Ruth King is an engaging, clear writer who generously shares teaching stories from her life, those she has helped, and her mentors. But readers who expect to be spoon-fed information, beware--this book is filled with specific tools that will inspire and motivate you to actively confront rage. Therapists will want to pass this compassionate, non-pathologizing book on to clients.”

Cecile McHardy, Anthropologist & Radcliffe Institute Fellow, Harvard University

"The psychopathology of our age is characterized by aggression. The antidote is an experiential process that utilizes the energy for healing. This book provides methods for transforming vital energies into positive, creative, life-enhancing endeavors for individuals, institutions, and societies. It's Good News!"

Maggie Victor, author of The Choice for Love, Canada

"I want to congratulate you for sharing your journey and for assisting others in finding the passion and creativity behind the disguises of rage. I do believe that , at a planetary level, we are being called now to discharge the negativity of many centuries, and that ending the cycles of violence and pain within our families and communities is a vital responsibility that many are personally undertaking. I wish you much success with your book and continued joy in service."

James Flaherty, New Ventures West

"In Healing Rage, Ruth King accomplishes what is nearly impossible: she puts a taboo, complex, challenge-female rage-into a textured, grounded context, so it can be seen for what it is, learned from, and integrated into our real daily lives. Her years of therapeutic practice, spiritual development and deep reflection shine through on every page. This is a book of liberation for women and men, a treasure trove from a wise and kind heart."

Suzanne Stevens, Founder, Hope Springs Institute, Ohio

"Healing Rage offers hope that everything we are is valuable. We are so often chastised for our anger and after reading your book, I know that what I sometimes dread most was this deep well of rage in me, is one of my greatest gifts. It's like believing you're ugly all your life and, one day, waking up, looking in the mirror, and discovering that you are exquisitely beautiful. Such a relief to know that this riling in me is the chaos of creation. My life will be better because I now see the potential in rage rather than the problem. This book offers everyone a better life because we will see the potential in rage rather than the problem. We will meet, embrace, and transform this primordial energy and all will heal with rage. Thank you Ruth for exposing the disguises of rage and introducing us to our powerful and beautiful selves. "

Ilene Dillon, M.F.T., L.C.S.W., Host, Full Power Living, World Talk Radio

"Ruth King writes poetry. Who would have thought that a book on Rage would be such a joy to read? Not only does she have a wealth of meaty material about "disguises of rage" and how to heal rage in a deep and lasting way, but the book itself exemplifies her insistence that rage can be turned to joy. While she educates, Ruth King offers JOY to the reader!"

Jeanne Courtney, MFT, Program Committee Co-Chair

"The Program Committee of East Bay California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists would like to thank you for speaking to our members. The members found your presentation informative and engaging, indicating you were knowledgeable, compassionate, and very good at facilitating group discussion. Ruth, thank you again for supporting East Bay CAMFT's continuing education program. Your contribution to the chapter is greatly appreciated."

Joe Canton, Ph.D., Canton Associates, San Francisco

"Ruth, I am very impressed, and I have recommended your book to my class on African American Consciousness here at City College. I know it is written for women of all races, but I'm suggesting that men read it to gain personal insight. You have made a great contribution."

Mbali Creazzo

"Ruth King has shown me the gift of love and  forgiveness in the face of wounding. She is an honored role model and reminder of having the courage to weave the wisdom practices into her work and to boldly go where some fear to tread.  Ruth teaches with a tenderness that invites the stories that need to be told and with her own remembering of the legacy of our ancestors she brings to her work a forgotten essential link to healing the past so we can live in the present. Deep bow to you."

Sherri E

"I believe it was devine intervention that I "found" your book on my local library bookshelf. I am only half way and just beginning, but it has touched my heart and resonates on many deep levels; ones that I have pushed down, but I know are there because the tears are flowing beyond my control. I feel your book is an answer to my many prayers to God for healing in my heart. I am encouraged, scared and excited where this will take me. Thank you for your courage and sharing your story. I am already blessed and know there is more. Much peace and many blessings to you."

John Mifsud

"King's book is direct, honest and accessible. She combines personal testimony and sound theory with practical and easy exercises. I was so moved I bought 15 copies to distribute to friends and family. Can't think of a single person who would not benefit from her strategic work. I sure did. She's no band-aid but a seasoned healer who disinfects wounding at its source. Ruth King proves true genius is simply stated.

Aishah Bashir, SPEC PTA

Dear Ruth King, On behalf of the staff and PTA of Shelton's Primary Education Center, I would like to thank you for your "Healing Rage" book contribution to the Neighborhood Health Fair on Friday April 20, 2007 at our 3rd annual Health and Healing Week. This neighborhood and school wide event was the perfect way to share health promoting behaviors and agencies from the Oakland Bay Area. 100 families and 50 community members participated in this event. Your contribution meant a lot.Your contribution only enhanced the work that we do with African American youth and their families. Again, thank you so much and we look forward to working with you again.

Ingrid Miller, Earthly Sites, Oakland, CA

Thank you for your crucial work.  I’ve  had some very uncomfortable experiences with rage, and feel relief that I have more awareness and understanding now, as well as access to tools for freeing myself through your work. In gratitude and abundance.

Melanie D. Popper, Civil Rights Attorney, Revelation Law

"A natural skeptic, I passed by Ruth King's latest work, "Healing Rage," time and again in my local bookstore without even taking thought. It had to sneak up on me...Read More!

Violet Henderson

"I was blessed to see Ruth at the Oakland Health Expo. I was not willing to go to the workshop she offered but I was led to her room. I reluctantly purchased her book. But since I started to read it I cannot put it down. I have spread the news to women I know that they should get their own copy. Ruth (your) work is a God sent Blessing for me. I have wondered what in the hell is wrong with me! While reading your book I have discovered my Dependence and Distraction disguises of rage. I am working on the exercises in the book and looking forward to attending a workshop in the future. Please continue the great work you are doing."

Paula Costella, Social Worker/Psychoanalyst

"I was doing a search on the internet on Isis and Orsiris for a class and found Ruth King's article on her pilgramage to Egypt and then I found the link to her book Healing Rage and ordered it. This book offers the best direction and practice in transforming rage. I say this from my own life experiences as a woman, a mother, healer and social worker/psychoanalyst, a meditative soul, and also as a spiritual being. From what I am reading in your book, you offer a logical plan--a real "step into the fire" approach. I am so sick of hearing about anger mangement..aren't you? You are articulating what I have been espousing to people in my life for the past 2 years. I applaud your vision and courage. This is deep work. I am so glad I found your book because it is mirroring back to me all that I have come to know that helps me in my own healing process. I plan on taking the book to my therapist tomorrow and say AHA! Here it is..everything I have been trying to explain and express..this is my raging child...let us honor her! Thank you. "

Melinda Schumacher

"I took your quiz [disguises of rage]. It helped me heighten awareness of other people's rage, and how their style of reaction are about them--not my problem or my responsibility. Thank you."

Gloria Thomas, Medical Social Worker, Oakland, CA

"'I had left my husband and had decided to get a divorce. After reading your book, we reunited. Through your book, I have been given permission to fall in love with rage. I wish you continued success."

Deb McSmith, Public Health Consultant, Cape Cod

The arrival of your book was so timely. I am writing/journaling the questions located in various places [throughout the book], and am realizing that this book is a true gift as I examine lifelong patterns that don't serve me well. It's a useful and accessible (I mean user friendly, inviting) tool."

Monica L. Wells, Ph.D. student, American University, Washington, DC

"You can rest assured that you've broken new ground! This book is truly a masterpiece, and a fresh take on living, learning and loving. It truly is groundbreaking. The one word I would use to characterize this work over all, is INSIGHTFUL!"

Ericka Thomas, Customer Services Manager, Sacramento, CA

"Thanks, Ruth. It was as if someone I can trust read my private journals. You are right on! Congratulations."

Turning Wheel: The Journal of Socially Engaged Buddism, Winter 2004

"Jack Kornfield contributes a laudatory foreword to Ruth King's Healing Rage..., which he calls "revolutionary work.." She weaves her skills, experiences, and knowledge of Buddhism into an engagingly direct book full of practices for learning from rage and making transformative use of its power."

The Therapist - Magazine of the California Association of Marriage & Family Therapist, Volume 17, Issue 2, May/June 2005. Reviewed by Carol L. Gandolfo, Psy.D.

"...I found Ms. King's book useful for anyone currently dealing with personal rage issues and as a resource for therapists searching for information to provide to a client in the therapeutic process."

Marilee Niehoff, Ph.D., excerpts from the magazine: AHP Perspective, April/May 2005 edition, Association of Humanistic Psychology "

"...King moves from analysis of the causes of rage, to different types of responses to the issues, and the behavioral patterns that emerge in the process. She helps the reader examine these traits in her examples of short stories, and guides them into charting their own reactions in the given contexts to produce a thorough self-assessment. To someone who has worked in this area and is investigating different methods of approaching rage in the clinical arena, I would recommend this book as an interesting contrast to mainline methods, and as an original approach offering some fresh insights."

Publishers Weekly Review, 6/18/07

Healing Rage: Women Making Inner Peace Possible How to tell the difference between rage and plain, everyday anger? Anger, explains King, a life coach and management consultant, is primarily associated with a current injustice or disappointment. Rage, on the other hand, is accumulated anger from past traumas that is "locked in our bodies and minds." Or as they say in 12-step programs: "If it's hysterical, it's historical." This is essentially a workbook to unlock that childhood trauma. It includes ways to understand how rage can mask itself (dominance, depression, etc.), questions to locate the rage and exercises to help process it. The book may be a valuable first step in recognizing unprocessed childhood trauma, especially for women. King speaks with insight and empathy about her own rage...and the experiences of others. And the exercises...can perhaps help some readers become more aware of the triggers that ignite their rage. Some women might be well advised to seek professional help, too, but King offers a starting place for women whose lives are being distorted by unrecognized rage.ntors. But readers who expect to be spoon-fed information, beware-this book is filled with specific tools that will inspire and motivate you to actively confront rage. Therapists will want to pass this compassionate, non-pathologizing book on to clients."

Library Journal, Syracuse, NY, June 26, 2007

"Who would you be if you were not at war?" asks King, a life coach and respected authority on the topic of women and unresolved rage. The author urges the need for keen, consistent spiritual work because unacknowledged and unaccepted anger masquerades in various behavior patterns that block women's life energy and destroy their inner peace. Included along with descriptions of the "six D" rage disguises-dominance, defiance, distraction, devotion, dependence, and depression-are a practical exercise that focuses on drawing out the lifelong personal patterns that women use as they interact with the world and a powerful self-forgiveness activity. Women who find that they are extremely angry much of the time and who don't know why will find this book especially valuable. It doesn't matter that rage-related affirmations, exercise, and meditation practice have been aptly covered before by others. Insightfully, the author concludes that connecting with life's predictable joys as women's inner courage grows is paramount to healing the rage/shame duo that they feel; their vulnerability no longer denied is now an asset. Recommended for psychology sections of larger public and academic libraries.-Lisa Liquori, MLS, Syracuse, NY

Anonymous Appreciation

Thanks for the depth and wisdom you bring to this important topic and for your workshop at Spirit Rock. I saw what the voice of rage is offering which is a healing salve that each of us can identify and listen to, once we are able to REALLY hear beyond that reactionary part of ourselves. I see my own and others actions from such a different light after this weekend and will continue to "fill my rage out" in more compassionate and gentle ways.

"Thanks for the work that you's so brave."

"I bought your book, it's great as I expected. I have listened to your interviews over and over and over again. I am promoting this work to go hand and hand with our scriptures--that is how important I think this is."

"Unbelievable how I too had heart surgery for a birth defect ...and had a hysterectomy and more. You could have been the spokeperson for my life!"

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  1. Felicia Parker-Rodgers

    In praise of your work. I do believe that Healing Rage delves deep into methods for manifesting health and looking at the ways anger, “in pjs” camoflauges. The read facilitates the development of a minset and a heart set that empowers, fulfills and identifies a larger purpose in life. I wish you the best; your work is the answer!

  2. I wanted to thank you for your book, Healing Rage. I was seeking literature about rage and how to deal with it and came across your book. It seems that a lot of attention is placed on men and their anger but not much is given to the anger women experience. As a mental health professional and a woman who has overcome trauma and anger, I found your book real, poignant, and encouraging. Thank you

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