Understanding “Us & Them” Power Dynamics in Groups

Leadership consciousness has impact on how groups operate, what decisions are made, and whether people feel they belong. Progressive leaders espousing the value of diversity and inclusion are expected to be self-aware, sensitive, and skillful in recognizing and navigating power dynamics in cultures that feed racism and other forms of oppression, suppression, and separation. The consciousness of the leader determines the vitality of a learning community.

In this advanced training, through guided meditation, simulation, contemplation, and engagement, we create an experience that deepens understanding of the subtleties of “us and them” power dynamics and its impact on leadership, diversity, and inclusion within organizations, teams, and group life.

While group life is messy at best, in this training you will:

  • Recognize power dynamics that help and hinder group culture and development;
  • Discover how you function as a leader across diverse interests;
  • Become more sensitive to the field of inclusion and your influence, and;
  • Exchange insights that support group cohesion and synergy.

This training is a natural next step to the Mindful of Race Training program as it deepens understanding of racial group dynamics through an exploration of power, culture, and leadership.

If your team or organization is ready for this next step, contact us for an initial consultation.

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