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"Racism is a heart disease, and it's curable!"

~ Ruth King

Ruth King is a seminal thought leader in the fields of mindfulness and racial awareness. Mindful of Race shines a compassionate, provocative, and practical light into a deeply neglected and world-changing domain profoundly relevant to all.

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Brave Space Racial Affinity Group Development Program


Our starship program is Brave Space, a year-long immersion for self-formed racial affinity groups to deconstruct how you have been conditioned to think and respond to race and racism.

Whether you are an independent influencer or leader in an organization, Brave Space offers profound opportunities for racial insight through our mindfulness-based framework of introspection and affinity group engagement. Organize your group and enroll.

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Celebrated Thought Leader

Ruth King is the Founder of Mindful of Race Institute, LLC, and is a celebrated author, educator, and meditation teacher.

Both provocative and compassionate, King speaks to the heart of her audiences with audacity, authenticity and joy.


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From Our Clients

Insight Meditation Teacher and Mentor

Brave Space was brilliant for supporting racial affinity groups to understand what it is we carry. The biggest aspect was having these difficult and challenging conversations in relationship with each other. If we're not in relationship with each other, we're not going to go that extra mile; we're not going to sit in that discomfort and vulnerability and learn from it… to understand our conditioning within our communities, and notice how different even within those communities we are culturally. I found this exploration powerful and important.

Susan Bauer-Wu

Susan Bauer-Wu, President, Mind & Life Institute

The Mindful of Race year-long training for our organization opened our eyes; it put a fire under us and allowed us to get real. To move the needle, it's critical to engage people who are knowledgeable and can guide us on this journey…. The work is deep and the ripples continue.

Susan Bauer-Wu
JoAnna Hardy

JoAnna Hardy, Author & Founder of Meditation Coalition

I served as a Guided Teacher for a community struggling with issues around race, misogyny and hierarchy. Through doing Ruth's training, we had to open up to tough conversations and realities and dig in. Ruth King's work has been life changing to me and the communities I serve. 

JoAnna Hardy

Tara Brach, author, Radical Compassion

Ruth's work offers us healing medicine for the suffering of racism. She not only helps us understand the complexity of our great racial divide, but she also offers core practices, reflections, and actions that give us hope for transformation.

Seth Van Der Swaagh, Industry Director, Advertising Sales, Google

The training was very well received, particularly your insight into dominant and subordinate group dynamics. In addition, your book is one of the best I've read on the work needed to transform racism, and I find myself underlining passages and reading things back to my wife regularly. 

Novelette Demercado, Founder, BETA Coaching & Consulting

If you’re considering Brave Space, it’s worth your while and your time to dedicate the 12 months to unpacking what it is to be a racialized being and to bring mindfulness to it.

Ben Rubin, Co-founder & CEO, Ten Percent Happier

The Brave Space teachings are powerful. As an organization at the intersection of racial equity work and mindfulness, the approach that you brought was a powerful pairing for folks at Ten Percent Happier.

Ron Rawald, Sr. MD & Head of International Real Estate, Cerberus Capital Management

One of the hard truths of reading Ruth’s book was learning that I was partially colorblind; I could not see my own whiteness. Coming from a small town in Indiana and ending up on Wall street, I never felt I had advantages. But I did! I now understand white privilege within me and our industry. This is why I invited Ruth to support us in having this conversation.

Tanisha Pleasant

Tanisha Pleasant, MBA, Director of Equity Strategy, Strive Together

In our year together, Ruth did a great job drawing the connection between mindfulness and race equity work, and showing us how to remain grounded, strategic, and systemic while doing this important work.

Tanisha Pleasant
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