Advancing racial awareness and leadership through mindfulness based educational and group development programs.

"Racism is a heart disease, and it's curable!" 

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Organizational Services

Ripening racial self-awareness and leadership competency, and dismantling structures that inhibit racial equity and inclusion through applied racial inquiry and mindfulness-based principles.

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Mindful of Race 2-01

Online Learning

Contemplative self and group study programs advancing racial self-awareness, relational harmony, and leadership. For DEI professionals, health and healing practitioners, coaches, consultants, educators, therapists, and anyone seeking to influence cultures of belonging.

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Guest Speaking

A stimulus for exploring how racial and mindfulness-based inquiry advances self-awareness, cultural harmony, and leadership competency.

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Mindful of Race Institute

About the Institute!

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A Bit of Praise!

Forty people within the Inayatiyya Sufi Community made a 9-month commitment to explore racial awareness in affinity groups using the Mindful of Race framework. Ten groups came together to reflect on key learnings, many of whom contributed to this lovely gratitude post. Check it out!

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