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The Online Academy was established to support influencers and organizations seeking to engage in the inner work of racial healing. Founded by Ruth King, the Online Academy serves three distinct audiences:

  1. We provide racial depth and competency to influencers to understand their own racial conditioning and its impact on racial harmony.
  2. We serve as an integration supplement to diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives within organizations.
  3. We provide consulting organizations with racial competency and a resource that strengthens their service portfolio.

Our online educational courses provide an introspective investigation of our racial conditioning, our impact, and our collective potential.

Brave Space Racial Affinity Group Development Program

Brave Space: Racial Affinity Group Development Program

RK Featured Programs (766 × 536 px) (2)

Healing Rage

Educating the Heart, Transforming the Mind

RK Featured Programs (766 × 536 px) (3)

Exploring Inner Racial Bias


Six Hindrances to Racial Harmony

RK Featured Programs (766 × 536 px) (5)

Healing Racial Trauma

6-BeginnersGuide copy

A Beginner's Guide for Meditating with Race


Racial Affinity Group Coaching


Cultural Competency & Coaching


Mindful of Race 101


Heart Practices for Racial Wellbeing

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Questioning Racial Habits of Harm

4-StructuralRacism(766 × 536 px)

Thoughts on Structural Racism


Ben Rubin

Co-Founder and CEO at Ten Percent Happier

The Brave Space core teachings are quite powerful. And as an organization that is at the intersection of doing racial equity work and mindfulness, the approach that you brought was a powerful pairing for folks at Ten Percent Happier.

Novelette DeMercado

Founder & Chief Possibility Director, BETA Coaching and Consulting

If you're considering this exploration, it's worth your while and your time to dedicate the 12 months to unpacking what it is to be a racialized being and to bring mindfulness to it.

Tanisha Pleasant

Tanisha Pleasant, MBA

Director of Equity Strategy, Strive Together

In our year together, Ruth did a great job drawing the connection between mindfulness and race equity work, and showing us how to remain grounded, strategic and systemic while doing this important work.

Tanisha Pleasant
Susan Bauer-Wu

Susan Bauer-Wu

President, Mind & Life Institute

The Mindful of Race training opened our eyes; it put a fire under us and allowed us to get real. To move the needle, it's critical to engage people who are knowledgeable and can guide us on this journey. The work is deep and the ripples continue.

Susan Bauer-Wu
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