Mindful of Race 101

Transforming Racism from the Inside Out

This self-study course supports an investigation of your racial habits of mind that influence how you show up in the world. It offers an introduction to the Mindful of Race framework using the Rubik to illustrate six concepts in three intersecting pairs.


Mindful of Race 101

Racism remains one of the most rooted and painful impasses of our time. Racism is fed through unawareness, oppressive systems, and the misuse of power. The scars and history of racism impacts all of us, without exception. It impacts our capacity to genuinely love, and it blinds us to our humanity.

In this introductory course we explore racial awareness through the metaphor of the Rubik. The Rubik is a complex and dynamic puzzle that requires focused attention and wise effort. Once you understand the goal and intersecting concepts of the Rubik, you can interact with it more skillfully each time you engage.

The Rubik is a useful metaphor to illustrate and remember the six core concepts of Mindful of Race, showing us the complexity and dynamics of our racial conditioning (aka colors) and its impact on collective well-being (Rubik cube as one system).


Engage the Inner Work of Racial Healing & Social Responsibility

The aim of this introductory course is to enliven your understanding of the Mindful of Race book, to stimulate greater self-awareness, and to provide you with a path that deepens your understanding and responsibility to social harmony.

Become aware of the construction of racial  oppression and your role in its creation

Understand racial group power dynamics and its cumulative impact on structural racism 

Discover how mindfulness meditation and racial affinity group development work serve as pivotal practices for deconstructing habits of harm 

Recognize how racial conditioning shapes perception and influences your understanding and your actions 

Become aware of your individual and racial group impact on racial harmony and belonging

Learn of a pathway to continue the inner work of racial healing and social responsibility

Deepening our understanding of how we have been conditioned to think and react is at the root of racial harm and racial healing.

This course is introductory and includes approximately five video recordings (totaling 60 minutes), one audio instruction, and several readings, reflections, and exercises. Expect to commit from 5-8 hours on this course.


Companion Reference

Transforming racism begins on the inside! Becoming mindful of how dynamics of race and racism play inside of your heart, mind, bodies, communities, and organizations profoundly supports social wellbeing.


Susan Bauer-Wu

Susan Bauer-Wu

President, Mind & Life Institute

The Mindful of Race Training opened our eyes. It put a fire under us and allowed us to get real, to move the needle. It's critical to hire people who are knowledgeable and can guide us on this journey. Ruth's work is deep and the ripples continue!


Susan Bauer-Wu
Tanisha Pleasant

Tanisha Pleasant

Senior Director of Network Impact, StriveTogether

Ruth did a great job drawing the connection between mindfulness and race equity work. With mindfulness serving as a resource, we learned to stay present and remain grounded.


Tanisha Pleasant
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