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The Wisdom of Rage

In the tender cocoon of shattered dreams and forgotten whispers, there lies a storm within—a tempest, a symphony of shadows cast by the scars of trauma. Beneath the weight of sorrow, the soul quivers. Each scar, a map of battles fought in the realm of memory, etched into the tapestry of a life once unburdened. Yet, within this very pain, a seed of resilience is planted, wisdom ready to bloom with petals of courage and perseverance. How fragile and fierce the human heart can be, woven from threads of both vulnerability and strength.

In Healing Rage, based on research from my first book, we acknowledge our disguises of rage – the ways we have been shaped to respond to sorrow, disappointment, and trauma – and how our disguises of rage, and their shadows, are projected onto others.

Disguises are those ephemeral phantoms that linger in the corridors of the mind. They are the footprints of traumas past, the imprints of wounds that refuse to fade into oblivion. Yet, with mindfulness, we understand that disguises and shadows are not eternal jailers; they are but fleeting companions on the journey toward light and insight. 

This Healing Rage online, self-study course, through mindful reflection and meditation practices, provides a pathway that allows our disguises of rage to be guides through the labyrinth of self-discovery. For within the labyrinth's heart, at the crossroads of pain and strength, lies the essence of transformation—an alchemy of wounds that ripen suffering into beauty. 

Rage is not the destructive wrath of chaos, but a potent elixir distilled from anguish, demanding acknowledgment, craving release. In Healing Rage, we carve a riverbed where the healing waters of mindfulness and self-compassion transform our mental adversaries into allies.

In this journey, I help you turn inward and rest in the wisdom of the body; quiet the inner storm of emotional turbulence; be present to the shadows and wisdom of rage; offer forgiveness to yourself and others; and center yourself in care and equanimity.

I look forward to supporting your healing rage journey! Ruth King

What you will learn:

Discover the six disguises of rage – why we wear them and the wisdom behind them

Embrace the energies of rage with less reactivity and more clarity and stability

Cultivate self-care in difficult situations

Recognize and shift rage patterns in relationships and challenging situations

Practice with journaling reflections and over 15 guided meditations that support awareness, ease, and wise action

Enjoy bonus interviews with Ruth King and leading expert in trauma and relationships

Required Reading for this Course!


“This is revolutionary work.” Jack Kornfield

“Ruth King has done the unthinkable.” Lynne Twist, author, Living a Committed Life

“Here is a book of enormous scope.” Harriet Lerner, author, The Dance of Anger

Healing Rage: An Oprah Magazine Nugget - 2007


Ruth helped me to move beyond being a victim of my own rage. When I first came to her work, acting out my rage had become the main way I dealt with threatening situations. Slowly, I developed skills to respond to troubles and confrontations with more skill. I began to see how I might act differently, how I might see my own feelings with more compassion, how I might even direct the incredible emotional responses I had in new and creative directions.

– Mary LaMattery, City College of San Francisco

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