Coaching with Ruth

"A teacher can only walk with students whose lives remain in their own hands." ~ Zenju Earthlyn Manual

I offer life coaching focused on enhancing racial self-awareness and cultivating mindful leadership. In our sessions, I'll help you understand the patterns of your thinking and their influence on creating inclusive environments. By exploring how you relate to challenges, we uncover new pathways for growth.

Together, we'll delve into complex situations and relationships, enhancing your understanding and shaping your response to align with your character. My approach combines contemplative wisdom with practical, heartfelt guidance based on Eastern and Western psychology, leadership principles, and mindfulness practices. This blend of knowledge will help you navigate and transform racial biases and distress, fostering a deeper connection with yourself and others.

I primarily work with individuals on a five-session cycle, prioritizing those who have previously engaged with my Mindful of Race Institute and who value a reflective and introspective coaching inquiry. Sessions are conducted nationwide via Zoom, scheduled every two to three weeks. Details regarding fees will be provided following the submission of a Coaching Inquiry Form.

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