Ruth's coaching schedule is currently full. Please check back in a few months. 

The teacher serves as a mirror but also encourages your ability to trust in yourself. Over time, there's a shift of allegiance. The obstacles begin to seem temporary, and what's permanent is the wisdom. - Pema Chodron

My coaching services support the cultivation and integration of three crucial competencies: racial self-awareness, mindfulness meditation, and leadership.

As a coach, I meet you where you are in your understanding, without an agenda of "making you a better person." Our work together is reflective, giving you an opportunity to feel more connected to your own mind, heart, and work in the world. You learn how to pause and how to relax. I pay attention to how you are relating to your life, not so much the story you have about it. You discover that the way you tend to think has a pattern that trips you up; understanding that pattern frees you up. I offer cognitive strategies rooted in Western psychology, Buddhist philosophy, and mindfulness practices that support clarity, stability, and confidence. As we progress, information becomes knowledge that matures into insight, more unified and accessible. You become more aware of your life as a racial being, and more honest about your impact and responsibility to social well-being.

I work with a limited number of one-on-one coaching clients for a minimum of seven sessions. Priority is given to individuals who have participated in the Mindful of Race training, workshops or talks, and who value a contemplative approach to learning.

  • Seven-session minimum, arranged every three weeks; scheduling beyond seven sessions is arranged based on availability
  • Available nationwide on line by Zoom
  • Please read our fee and cancellation practices
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