Tribute to Marlene Jones

We met standing in front of a mammoth Buddha figure in Beijing, China during the Women’s World Conference in 1995. Two black women with dreadlocks and flowing tears. In that speechless moment, Marlene managed to ask: Do you meditate? I said: Kinda. Within short time, we discovered we both lives in the Bay Area. She …

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Minding your Thoughts during Electoral Madness

We’re in a time where polarities are heightened, habits more rigid, past thoughts and future fears distort the present, and what we can’t control looms large. Collective movement is occurring and everyone is affected. We can feel it and we all have reactions to it–knowingly or unknowingly. Basically, we’re afraid. Our desire for something other …

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Character – Toward One Heart

I’ve been thinking about character lately given our intense political climate of “character assignation.” It’s not that uncommon, really. As an organizational development consultant and leadership coach for many years, I’m intimate with how the emergence of any form of leadership is both covertly and openly attacked. Those of us courageous enough to take a …

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What Is A Life, Anyway?

Imagine Trayvon Martin, 17, trapped, masking his powerlessness with a pumped up ego yet convinced that his life was about to end. What would you do? How might you feel? Have you ever felt this trapped or looked death in the eyes? How was your powerlessness felt and expressed? How are you living with your …

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Make Joy a Habit

Why not make joy a habit. I’m not talking about superficial joy from external conditions or circumstances, but rather the joy that is our nature—something we open wide to and wallow in. For example, I awoke this morning to the sound of birds chirping. As I paused and sunk into this moment, allowing the sound …

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