The Lion’s Roar Podcast: Mindful of Race

Lion’s Roar Associate Editor Pamela Ayo Yetunde talks with Ruth King, founder of the Mindful of Race Institute, and author of Mindful of Race: Transforming Racism from the Inside Out about the Brave Space program, how to approach talking about race, and how mindfulness can heal racial wounds. The Lion’s Roar Podcast: Mindfulness of Race with …

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Voting: Fundamental Activism

Voting Matters: Actions You Can Take! We hear a lot about democracy being threatened. Let’s be clear: This country has never been a democracy. For too many of us, democracy has always been under threat. Many of our ancestors experienced tremendous abuse for the right to vote; for insisting on participating in a system that was never …

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Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

Don’t worry… We’re all navigating tumultuous realities in our lives. This is the terrain we’re walking, trying to find some peace. There’s a lot going on in the world right now and in our own hearts, and we’re trying to figure out how to quench our thirst, hunger, longing, and yearning as we navigate this …

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Serendipitous Encounter: It’s Toni Morrison’s Fault!

Our race-inflected culture not only exists, it thrives. The question is whether it thrives as a virus or a bountiful harvest of possibilities. ~ Toni Morrison You likely know how it is, the bustle of getting to the airport and through security, then finally getting settled in your seat. I had just finished a week …

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July 2022 Blog

Collusion: A Racial Inquiry

Attention Influencers Much has been revealed from the House’s Committee hearings investigating Donald Trump and Trump loyalists’ involvement in efforts to overturn the 2020 election and January 6 insurgence at the Capital. Much of it is revolting, enraging, and heartbreaking. And then there are those times of confusion from not being sure you fully understand …

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We Fall Down, We Get Up! Metabolizing Grief in Intense Times

I’m reluctant to rehash this but it serves as a wake-up call and a cry for mercy, justice, and healing. As many of you know, the last few weeks have been horrific! This past Tuesday, May 24, nineteen children and two teachers were murdered in a mass shooting at a predominately Latin-x elementary school in …

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Reflecting on the Water Element

As many of you know, I’m fascinated with systems of meaning – sacred geometry, artistry, the miracle of nature, and the many rivers of discovering who we are and who we are together, and returning to what we deeply know as resonate truth. Recently I’ve been reflecting on the water element inspired by the research …

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Spheres of Influence

  In the new issue of Spiral magazine, I discuss how mindfulness can help us meet the “rough edges of racial distress.” With mindfulness, we can open to healing modes of inquiry and response. For those of you who are influencers in organizations, this is good news! Mindfulness is powerful medicine that helps us meet …

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from rage to mindfulness

YES! Magazine Article

In the Spring 2022 issue of YES! Magazine, I share A Journey from Rage to Mindfulness. This is an intimate account of my lifelong spiritual journey of open heartedness, reparation, and reclaiming tenderness. A Journey from Rage to Mindfulness is an approach to examining systems, navigating emotional distress, and increasing social harmony. I’m excited to …

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