The Emotional Wisdom Cards – Limited Edition


A 50-Card Reflection Deck.



ISBN 9780975425817

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The Emotional Wisdom Cards offers an enjoyable way for social groups, personal development and therapeutic groups, spiritual circles, family gatherings, work groups, and individuals to grow wise and have a more satisfying life.

The power of the Emotional Wisdom Cards lies in its inquiry. The questions are both thought provoking and inspiring, designed to make available in one application what might otherwise take years to understand. You will:

  • Increase self awareness
  • Deepen understanding and compassion
  • Embrace difficulties with grace
  • Align intentions and actions
  • Enjoy more freedom
  • Appreciate life

The 50 cards are divided into five categories:

  • Memories
  • Happiness
  • Disappointments
  • Challenges
  • Legacy

Each of the five categories has 10 cards – each card asks a question and offers an affirmation. Each of the five categories is distinguished by a mandala exquisitely designed by Aishah Bashir, a talented artist in Oakland, CA.

Includes 50 cards and guidebook

I first encountered these cards at a meditation retreat with Ruth King and couldn’t resist purchasing the cards. I have since used them personally and professionally (I am a community psychoherapist). There are plenty of self-help books and books about relationships but with questions around legacy and other topics, these cards truly facilitate self knowledge and the journey within. The cards can be used alone but if used as a partner/family activity, the cards cultivate understanding and deeper connection. Each card includes an affirmation and beautiful artwork. ~ Amazon Customer

A lot of wisdom went into the formulation of the rich questions on these cards. I encountered them in a retreat, led by Ruth King, where (along with many other activities!) we each received a card and shared our answer with a small group. Then I bought a deck, and since then my partner and I have used them often. On an evening, from time to time, we select one card, and then each of us listens to the other’s response, which might be lengthy. The cards are not to be used lightly – the questions can be intense, and honest answers sometimes lead to memories of painful experiences, or to difficult insights. But as a way to prompt insightful personal conversations, I strongly recommend them. ~ Fred E. Maus, Charlottesville, VA

The Emotional Wisdom cards create an opportunity to discover more about one’s self and others through questions. I have experienced deeper connection and affinity while having fun delving into mine and other’s true selves. The affirmations on each card also enhance the dialogue and support positive thinking. ~ DV

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Artist: Aishah Bashir

Editor: Ayofemi Oseye

Graphics Design: Darling Media Group


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