Black Bodies Prayer: A 10-Minute Grief Pause

Dear Black Kin,

Please join me in grieving the loss of Tyre Nichols and releasing the riveting and traumatizing impact of his death and the deaths of far too many. We join their families and love ones in a sea of grief and in rivers of prayers for healing. I invite you to get a cup of tea, find a place to be for the next 10 minutes, and light a candle. Take all the time you need to quiet your heart and mind as best you can. Once you feel a shift toward settling, listen and receive this recording, then add your prayers to mine. Once we are done here, sit a little longer in silence to feel the goodness of your intent. Then, dust yourself off, smile a little on the inside, then share your wise light, however dim or bright, near and far, knowing you are not alone. In deep gratitude and fierce love, Ruth

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